05 August 2011

Still need convincing?!

From the fellows at Biltwell...

"So on the second day of our trip, we left Lundy Lake and headed up HWY 120 into Yosemite. There are twistier roads in the world, but not many more beautiful. We strapped the Go Pro on Mike's lid and he grabbed this footage. This was just the beginning of the day. Riding through the rest of 120 down to the 5 was great. Old Priest Grade is a like a race track. It got hot and boring after that and we finally ended up at the Petaluma KOA for the night. About a dozen buddies showed up late that night (on bikes) and while we were just having a good time, not really raising any hell... let's just say the other campers were cheering when we rode out the next morning. I'll post some stuff from day three next week."

Nor Cal Trip (Day Two) from Biltwell Inc. on Vimeo.