01 June 2012

Revenge Run III

Set aside an hour and grab some PBRs.....
Revenge Run: The Film from Daniel Thomas on Vimeo.
***This film would be Rated R for language***

Death Science and Malvista Productions Presents the Revenge Run, from start to finish. This run was born from an idea that friends on the East Coast and specifically the Southeast should have a run to call their own. Starting in Rocky Mount, NC and winding through the NC lowlands, the run is the kind of life event most people desire, but few experience.

Crashes, engine mishaps, surprises, shakedown runs, pabst blue ribbon, cookouts, bonfires, island hopping on a motorcycle, roadside fixes, it's all here.

If you've never experienced blazing down a narrow island 90 miles from land, ocean on either side of you and riding in a pack of 100 or so choppers, then I truly feel sorry for you. As far as feelings go, it's a pretty good one.

Friends....brothers...bikers to the end.....



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Born Free, here we come...