25 January 2011

Alarms, phone calls, police...and some advice

I'm at work and I get a message on my cell phone from the home security company telling me that the front door alarm was triggered.  As I'm calling the wife to see where she is, I get a message that the police are on their way over.  I finally get through to the wife and she says she's on her way home because the police are there and the door is wide open.

In between phone calls, the alarm company leaves another message that the motion detectors were triggered a dozen times after the initial door alarm was triggered.  The police greet my wife at the door and ask her to do a quick run through the house. Nothing looks disturbed; everything is where it should be.

It seems Fed-Ex dropped a package in the front door, and somehow it triggered the alarm.  The motion detectors were triggered as a result of the police doing their initial search through the house.

Lesson for Fed-Ex....if you happen to set a house alarm off, call the main office and have them leave a message at the house, just for a little peace of mind for the occupants.