26 April 2012

Using stock switches on new bars

I want to use the stock HD switch housing and wires on my new handlebars.  The bars weren't dimpled, so I used a bit to carve out a portion of the housing from below to keep the wires from getting "pinched".

Here's what you'll need...
Drink 2 PBRs prior to grinding

Grind out a hole big enough to fit the wiring

Be sure to smooth out the rough edges

Housing and clutch attached, and room for the wires to run through

Repeat the process for the throttle side

Reinforce the wires with another layer of electrical tape where they exit the hole.  Drink the rest of the PBR.  On a side note, the bars are set up to run internal wiring.  I needed a quick fix to get the bars on, but will attempt internal wiring another day.