31 March 2011

CB750F Super Sport

The following story comes from a friend....
Here are the pics.   Honda had two models the CB750K and the CB750F.  The differences were K - exhaust 2 into 1 each side, spoke wheels,silver engine and paint colors (orange, green and blue I think).  The F had 4 into 1 on right side, "mag" wheels, black engine and only two colors - burgundy and black neither of which was available in the K.  There may have been other mechanical differences that I am not aware of.  The F was referred to as the Super Sport.  I think I remember the bike was $1995 or $2195 and they through in a free leather jacket (which I also still have.)   I had another pic that partly shows the other side.  The metal object by the front wheel is a mast for a Hobie Cat 16.
To add to the story of how I came to have the 77.   It was mid 1975 or so and I had an old Mazda pickup with very bad rings and valve seals.  So bad that when I connected the PCV it would just about kill the engine.  I traded it to a guy for some money and a 1966 Suzuki 250 oil injected.  The bike had a bad kickstart and I ended having to get another engine and make one good out of two.  I had aways wanted an all black bike so I painted everything black.   At least I thought it looked cool.  When I had it all assembled my wife would ride the back but with her on ,  it would barely get out of its own way.  My wife, being the dear that she is, suggested we buy a new motorcycle.   Disagreeing with your wife can only cause problems, so reluctantly (not) I relented.  We went to the local Honda dealer in Greensburg, PA.  It was the introduction of the new  1977 models but they had a number of 76"s  they were trying to sell.  We had been steered by the saleman to the 1976 CB750K's of which they had a few.  While I was looking at the different colors available my wife wondered off and noticed the 1977 CB750F Super Sport that you see in the pics.  She came back and asked why we couldn't buy that one (the 1977) as she liked the color and style.  Neither I nor the salesman were going to diagree with her.  So that's how I (we) became the owners (and still are) of a 1977 Honda CB750F Super Sport, currently with a little over 10K miles.